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Being an ultimate choice of destination for superior cover crop seeds, Sawit Dan Karet offers the picture-perfect amalgamation of front-line cover crop technology for soil conservation. With outstanding research methodology, matchless resources, eminent crop genetics through multidimensional learning tactic and an array of plantation products, Sawit Dan Karet is entitled as one of the finest cover crop seed providers.

Fueled by the currentagricultural necessities of dynamic society, we work hard to supply the premium cover crop varieties available anywhere in the world. This quality driven perspective makes Sawit Dan Kareta superlative cover crop supplier for rubber and oil palm plantations in Malaysia since 2012.

Sawit Dan Karet is a premium dealer in cover crop seeds especially MucunaBracteata seeds. Our company was started by experts in cover crop seeds who have decades of experience in dealing with MucunaBracteata and other cover crops.

We make sure that only the finest quality seeds with maximum germination rate reach our customers. We have stringent quality norms, where in each seed is handpicked and vigorous testing is performed, to make sure the seeds sold achieve the maximum germination rates. We exert control right from the collection of seeds till the seeds reach the customers and customers can be assured of the quality of the seeds they buy.

Sawit Dan Karetis focused and committed to:
  • Developing and supplying superior cover crop genetics
  • Steering comprehensive research on cover crop seed technology
  • Being the foremostMalaysian seed company devoted exclusively to cover crops

We focus on spreading valuable information about cover crops, and how they benefit the bottom line for farmers by augmenting and nourishing soil health.MucunaBracteata, PuerariaJavanica, CalopoguniumMucunoides are the major cover crops in limelight.

We also help customer in any areas pertaining to cover crop seeds by clarifying their doubts and advising them with expert knowledge which helps them to sell better. All these do not mean you have to pay high price for the seeds. Our prices are lowest in industry and we achieve that through efficient business practices, and minimizing wastage at every stages of preparing the seeds.

We have huge customer base in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria, Columbia and other countries. Sawit Dan Karetsupports you at every stage of the seeds import, and will update you on the progress at regular intervals.

With a plethora of countrywide and international activities, we work closely with botanists, farmers, soil scientists and other connoisseurs to make sure that seed you buy from Sawit Dan Karetperforms consistently year after year.