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Centrosema Pubescens

It is a perennial climber that can grow in shades. It is a slow grower, not tolerant to wet conditions and smothers other weeds. The seed rate is 3-4.5 per ha. It is a deep rooted plant and fixes 60 Kg. Nitrogen per Ha per year. Self seeding takes place in this plant.

Centrosema Pubescens is grown as a cover crop because it naturally suppresses weeds and is very tolerant to drought. Since this plant is vigorously twining it naturally suppresses weeds by creating a dense ground cover and is fairly good at spreading naturally to cover a large surface area.

Stems grow and branch rapidly, producing a dense mass of branches and leaves on the soil. Centrosema is known to improve depleted level of nitrogen in soil. The plant and the seeds can also be used as animal feed, a beneficial income support for farmers during regeneration period.

Nadampadom Rubber Estate offers high quality Centrosema Pubescens seeds which improve soil structure by reducing erosion, lesser loss of organic matter and nutrient of soil. At the same time, it reduces weed infestation.