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Pueraria Javanica

Pueraria Javanica is a very popular leguminous creeper and climber. The roots are shallow with plenty of root nodules and fix over 100Kg Nitrogen per Ha per annum. Quick establishment and covering the land in the first year of sowing is the attraction of this plant. Seeds are small and seed rate is 3 to 4.5 Kg per Ha. Seeds require pre-treatment either with concentrated Sulphuric acid or hot water treatment. Biomass generation is 4 to 5 tons per Ha per annum.

Javanica is a very popular cover crop worldwide especially in coffee, oil palm, citrus and rubber plantations. It is a vigorous twine and creeper that can be propagandized by seeds and cuttings. The Plant can stand strong sun and smothers weeds ever Chromolena.

    • Good soil acidity and shade tolerance
    • Persistent
    • High nutritive value, thus secondary use as hay, silage and cut and carry forage